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W Industries Ltd - Visette

W Industries Ltd – Visette

W Industries Ltd - Visette

Headset: Visette (The HMD of the 1000 SD)
Manufacturer: W Industries Ltd (Later to be renamed “Virtuality Group Plc”)
Resolution: Color LCD, 372 x 276 elements
Weight: 650 g (22.92 oz)
Field of view: 90-120H, custom optics
Video in: NTSC
Cost: £20,000
Launch Date: 1991
Estimated Value: $4,089 (£3,000)

Other Features: Designed for arcade use. Clamp design for ease of entry and removal, Ethernet local area network

At the core of this arcade leisure system is a Commodore Amiga 3000 for data management and sound control – the rest of the technology was W Industries’ own. Featuring a multi-processor, multi-media system developed by the company, using two Texas Instrument TMS 34020 processors, two TMS 34082 processors, a Motorola 68030 or 68040 with 68882 maths co-processors, all running at 25MHz to 33MHz.

The system engine provided computer-generated images, multi-channel sound and motion outputs. Mass storage – 40Mb to 300Mb – all of which was provided using CD-ROM and hard disk to enable the use of large databases for the simulated virtual worlds. The main interface to the virtual world 1000 SD unit was the Visette. The HMD containing a stereoscopic viewing system which uses liquid crystal displays, infinity optics, a four channel sound system and a tracking sensor enabling the position and angle of the head to be continuously monitored.

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