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It's Official! Virtual Reality Is Now an Established Medium for Art!

It’s Official! Virtual Reality Is Now an Established Medium for Art!

VR News: In this well-written article by Angela M.H. Schuster, she looks at a few notable named artists who are really starting to embrace virtual reality as a valid medium of art and have started to create some pioneering works for art based in VR and around it. If you like some of the more surreal works of art in the Tate Modern gallery, you will be amazed at what these talented artists are doing in VR!

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My Thoughts on This Story: With so many good quality art programs in VR from VR Canvas to Google Tilt Brush it is easy for artists to create pretty much any environment they can imagine and when it comes to surreal environments VR its perfect for helping the artist capture the audience and put them into their crazy, surreal art filled worlds. I would never have imagined VR being used as an art medium a few years ago, but these days its pretty accepted.

What is different is the calibre of artists who are now starting to use this medium to showcase their art. Olafur Eliasson, Hsin-Chien Huang and Timur Si-Qin might not be names most people will recognise immediately, but their art has been seen by millions of people all over the world so for them to use VR it really does validate it as a valid art medium and its yet another area outside of gaming that VR could easily shine.

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