Forget going to the cinema, VR is the future of movies!

VR News: GQ’s Scott Meslow gets to experience a movie in VR and starts to understand its possibilities. With apps like Oculus Events now showing us what is possible it’s not so much “if” a VR movie app will appear featuring the latest cinema films, it’s more…”when”! But unlike Scott, I have known this for quite a while!

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My Thoughts on this Story: This is something that I have always felt would happen, almost from the first moment I watched a movie in a virtual private cinema (Via the Oculus Video App). Once you experience this you should understand why VR really is the future of the movie theatre. Once they get the pricing and social interaction part right this could be VR’s saving grace. But as this article shows we are a long way from that happening, but it is something highly likely to happen.

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