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Does Wearing a VR Headset Make Your Balance Worse?

Does Wearing a VR Headset Make Your Balance Worse?

VR News: This case study by PLOS One put people into VR and asked them to walk across a plank which was 2.5 cm off the ground. They then did the same without a headset some they came to the conclusion VR not only makes your balance worse, it also caused increased mental exertion! But is there something else going on here?

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My Thoughts on this Story: So what they are saying is the same situation in VR made peoples balance worse and caused them to get tired easier. But wearing a VR headset and having to walk a real-world plank was always going to cause peoples balance to be a little off! Even if that plank is 2.5 cm off the ground, its still going to cause people to become wary of the drop, even if it isn’t a big one and in return for them being more worried about the drop they go tired a lot quicker! I would love to do this same test, but have full body tracking to see if it made a difference, because I have a little inkling that it might.

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