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Virtual Reality Poker Just Got a Lot More Serious

Virtual Reality Poker Just Got a Lot More Serious

VR News: While it has been speculated for years now it seems PokerStars ( a massive name in online poker) has got around to making a serious VR poker app and it looks pretty great. You get a nice range of environments to play in as well as multiplayer table games with full voice chat. While it is only in a closed-beta for now it is due out for most big headsets (Rift, Vive, PSVR) before the end of the year. John Sciarrino from gets to go hands-on and likes what he sees.

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My Thoughts on this Story: While it does have to be said we have a pretty good VR poker app already with Casino VR Poker this is still great news, especially given what a recognisable name “PokerStars” are. Not only is it great news for the brand alone to be entering the VR poker arena, but it also has to be said that it looks pretty great as well! I for one can’t wait for this can I can only imagine this being not only a great game that is worth playing, but maybe even a system seller.

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