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Vuzix VR920

Vuzix VR920 (2011)

Vuzix VR920

Description: The iWear VR920 are the first video glasses specifically designed to let you step inside virtual worlds and 3D games. No more staring at flat screens; the iWear VR920 creates an immersive, 360° viewscape that’s unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before! Used with normal 2D video and pictures, the iWear VR920 works like any other iWear glasses, displaying movies and videos with crystal clarity and brilliant colours. But hook the VR920 up to a PC running a compatible game like World of Warcraft or Second life and it’s like stepping into a whole different world! You can move, look around, listen, and communicate with others using the built-in microphone – it’s a new reality for gamers.

Vuzix VR920 Specs…


Headset: Vuzix VR920
Manufacturer: Vuzix
Launch Price: $174 (£128)
Release Date: May 2011
Headset Type: Other
Display: Dual 640 x 480 VGA progressive scan LCDs
Field of View(FOV): 32°
Refresh Rate: 40 Hz
Interpupillary Distance Adjustment: No
Weight: 160g (5.64 oz)
Tracking: 3 DoF Non-positional

Vuzix VR920

Review: If you are looking for a good all-rounder in video glasses then the Vuzix VR920 is one you should consider. But there is also nothing here that will blow you away, but it will make you nod your glasses covered head in satisfaction. Half the problem with this products failure was the company’s insistence as marketing it as a VR headset. On the box, it says this: “Experience the New Virtual Reality” and while it does have slight head tracking there is not much else to support this claim.

But the other half of the problem for this HMD is the low-quality tech given it’s time of release. While the reason is clear, the company wanted to make the Vuzix VR920 affordable to the masses which was a mistake. Most people that couldn’t afford better versions didn’t want to spend their hard-earned cash on a pair of video glasses anyway no matter how affordable they were.

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