5DT HMD 800 (1990)

“…it was top of the range for the affordable virtual reality…”

Top 10 Key Selling Points: 5DT HMD 800

  1. Mounting Base For Head Trackers
  2. Flip-up Mode For Reality Checks
  3. Adjustable Top/back Ratchets
  4. High-Quality Headphones
  5. Affordable Quality
  6. 2D And 3D Models
  7. Crisp SVGA Image
  8. Extreme Comfort
  9. Cable Organizer
  10. Lightweight

5DT HMD 800

Made by Fifth Dimension Technologies the 5DT HMD 800 was a really good headset in its day. With a clear 800 by 600 per eye OLED display and a 40° field of view it was top of the range for the affordable virtual reality headset range. There was a 2D and a 3D version of the headset which was unusual and a flip-up mode visor so you could check where you were in the real world. Design wise it continues to tick the right boxes. With a comfortable face padding and lightweight design, it could be worn for ages so long as you could stand the poor vergence-accommodation conflict.

It might well have been affordable, but it was still mostly used by the military only and come with some very interesting options. You can attach a Virtual Laser Range Finder [LRF] or a set of Virtual Night Vision Goggles [NVG] onto it! I’d like to see Oculus Rift top those killer options!


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