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Top 10 Key Selling Points: FEELREAL Mask

  1. High-Fidelity Virtual Reality Experience
  2. Simulated Effects Of Water Mist
  3. Revolutionary Multisensory VR
  4. Simulated Effects Of Force
  5. Simulated Effects Of Smell
  6. Simulated Effects Of Wind
  7. Simulated Effects Of Heat
  8. Bluetooth V2.0 Connection
  9. Built-In Microphone
  10. 4hr Power Supply

The Oculus Rift is a great VR headset that can really provide the eyes with an immersive virtual reality experience. But what about the rest of your senses? What about the feeling of heat, mist, force and even smell? Well, believe it or not, the FEELREAL mask for the Oculus Rift offers exactly that. By attaching just underneath the headset, it’s in the right place to blast the rest of your senses with various things that will make VR truly believable.

The odor generator with seven removable smell cartridges can be easily changed depending on the experience and the 2 microcoolers generate wind flows as well as the 2 microheaters for hot air and the sensation of heat! And for everyone else who doesn’t own an Oculus Rift they have also made a phone mountable helmet called the NIRVANA VR that does all these things with your smartphone!

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