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About: The NIRVANA VR helmet is the most immersive device for 3D video games and movies that lets you explore the virtual worlds by involving all five of your senses in one gadget. It’s a unique transformer with a perfect 3D audio and vision system, where you can in seconds attach the mask with all the additional effects by means of magnetic clips. NIRVANA VR helmet uses the latest models of smartphones. It is light, has comfortable padding inserts and includes a circulating ventilation system. The helmet is available in sizes small, medium, and large. There are no wires and no complicated settings. It works for about six hours using the built-in batteries before needing to be recharged. A bluetooth microphone makes the communication and interaction easy and quick

NIRVANA VR Specs and Info…

Device: NIRVANA VR, (Nirvana Helmet)
Manufacturer: FEELREAL
Announced Date: May 2015
Release Date: Never Released
Launch Price: $300 (£220)
Device Type: VR Headset (Smartphone Powered)
Display: N/A
Diagonal Field of View(FOV): 70°
Refresh Rate: N/A
Weight: Unknown
Battery: N/A
Tracking: 3 DoF Non-positional (Smartphone Gyroscope Based)
Controllers: N/A


Our Thoughts: The problem with the FEELREAL mask for the Oculus Rift is you need an Oculus Rift to attach it to! That is where the NIRVANA VR comes into it. It’s a multi-sensory helmet that in reality is a smartphone mountable HMD. They have made this so people who can’t yet afford a full on VR headset can at least experience smells and senses of the wind, heat, water mist and vibration present in the virtual worlds they visit.

While the display is only as good as the smartphone placed inside of it the helmet does do a lot on its own. Giving you a broad field of view and a 3D audio system that provides you with the most immersive sound experience you can get. Along with the other aspects like being able to feel wind, water and heat as well as being able to smell things even with the crappiest of smartphones it will still blow you away with what it can do. Not quite as good as an Oculus Rift with an FEELREAL mask attached, but’s it’s pretty darn good.

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