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N-Vision Datavisor

N-Vision Datavisor 80

N-Vision Datavisor

About: Experience it all with the new Datavisor 80. A 120-degree field-of-view head mounted display system, the Datavisor 80 offers full colour and high resolution in lightweight plastic housing. Its performance characteristics, previously available only on a custom basis, can now be yours at a fraction of the cost.

N-Vision Datavisor 80 Specs and Info…

Device: N-Vision Datavisor, (Datavisor 80)
Manufacturer: NVIS, Inc (formerly n•vision)
Announced Date: August 1996
Release Date: Unknown
Launch Price: Unknown
Device Type: VR Headset (PC Powered)
Display: X2 Full Colour CRT’s at 1280 X 1024 (Per Eye)
Diagonal Field of View(FOV): 120°
Refresh Rate: 40 Hz
Weight: Unknown
Battery: N/A
Tracking: 3 DoF Non-positional (Gyroscope Based)
Controllers: Unknown

n-Vision Datavisor

Our Thoughts: The n-Vision Datavisor is one of those headsets that thousands of people tried it on and almost no-one will ever remember its name. First seen by the public at a trade show in 1994 it was part of a Cutty Sark pirate ship experience in which people got to feel the control of an old wooden sea fearing ship. Each experience lasted about 1-2 minutes and well over 55,000 people played it! Strangely you did have to be over 21 years old to play it despite it not having any gore or swearing.

They chose the n-Vision Datavisor for this because it had a relatively high resolution. At 640 X 480 pixels, it certainly was a powerhouse of its time.With full head tracking and real wooden ships wheel to turn many people really believed they were right there on a real ship. But sadly many other just felt sick and couldn’t last the time. But still, it was seen as a massive success for VR in its time.

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