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Quest Virtual Reality Worlds

Quest Virtual Reality Worlds

Quest Virtual Reality Worlds
Top 10 Key Selling Points: Quest VR Worlds

  1. Ninja, Car Racing & Baseball VR Games
  2. Specially Designed Colour LCD
  3. Vibrantly Colourful Screen!
  4. 3D Stereoscopic Games
  5. Takes 4 AA Batteries
  6. Themed Controllers
  7. Stereo Sound FX
  8. Collectors Item
  9. True 3D Effects
  10. Backlight

Made by Manley Toy Quest this is not just 1 VR headset but lost of them! Unlike a console, these VR headsets were a single game with themed controllers with each VR headset! We think there might be lots of these, but we are 100& sure there is a VR Ninja, VR Car Racing, Power Rangers Dino Thunder VR & Vr Baseball games and each of them come with their own headset! OK, so you have probably realised already that these are toys with a VR name rather than actually VR headsets. But by understanding the VR fake hype that got all whipped up in the 1990’s. It’s no wonder people rejected VR back then when all they got was 3D stereoscopic games like this.

It was backlight, had a 3D effect and also dished out Stereo Sound FX to accompany the vibrantly colourful screen!So it wasn’t all bad, and this range of toys is now a massive collectors item with even broken headsets fetching 5 – 6 times their original value. They might now get anyone excited these days, but back then if it had “Virtual Reality” on the box they were always going to sell lots of them.

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