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Virtual IO I Glasses

Virtual IO I-Glasses

Virtual IO I Glasses

About: These popular VR goggles with an optional head tracker are relatively inexpensive, lightweight (227 g), have 300×200 pixel resolution, and have a 30-degree field of view. They are also somewhat see-through, allowing the creation of augmented realities in brightly lit environments.

Virtual IO I-Glasses Specs and Info…

Device: Virtual IO I-Glasses
Manufacturer: Virtual I-O
Announced Date: Unknown
Release Date: May 1995
Launch Price: $395 (£292)
Device Type: Other
Display: Dual 0.7″ Passthrough colour liquid crystal displays at 640 × 480
Diagonal Field of View(FOV): 30°
Refresh Rate: 20 Hz
Weight: 227 g (0.50 lb)
Battery: N/A
Tracking: N/A
Controllers: N/A

Virtual IO I-Glasses

Our Thoughts: Much like the Virtual IO Personal Display System before it, this was a very limited headset, only this time it had bare-bones mixed reality capabilities thanks to its barely seeable passthrough lenses. While it didn’t exactly set the world on fire it was a headset that was way ahead of its time and despite the low specs still pretty impressive.

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