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About: ADVANCED OPTICAL TECHNOLOGY Virtual i-O’s i-glasses! give you a big screen, full-colour view while allowing you peripheral vision as well as see-through capability with our exclusive VideoMute feature. Only Virtual i-O’s i-glasses! deliver the big screen experience with a minimized risk of vertigo or motion sickness, and can be worn with eyeglasses. For virtual reality applications, use our unique immersion visor (simply clip it on the i-glasses!) to create an entirely immersive experience.

Virtual IO I-Glasses Specs and Info…

Device: Virtual IO Personal Display System
Manufacturer: Virtual I-O
Announced Date: Unknown
Release Date: February 1994
Launch Price: $395 (£292)
Device Type: Other
Display: Dual 0.7″ colour liquid crystal displays
Diagonal Field of View(FOV): 30°
Refresh Rate: 20 Hz
Weight: 387 g (0.85 lb)
Battery: N/A
Tracking: N/A
Controllers: N/A

Our Thoughts: If this Virtual IO Personal Display System seem strangely familiar it’s because these were the early version of the i-glasses and they are essentially the same thing only this headset was not passthrough or AR like the Virtual IO I-Glasses. Described as watching an 80″ TV from 11 feet away, provided you can plug it into your TV or PC you can play it on the i-glasses.

This is a good quality set of video glasses that has some features not often seen on this kind of tech. Adjustable brightness, contrast, tint, colour and sharpness buttons to control the display, and, of course, the ability to watch a 3-D movie or prepare a business presentation.

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