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Virtual Reality Helps Shrink the Skills Gap

Virtual Reality Helps Shrink the Skills Gap

VR News: We have seen VR used for all sorts of training purposes in the past, even teaching railway platform attendants! But did you know this area is one of the fastest growing areas of VR! Sure, the VR games industry might be slowing down, but when it comes to skill training it is leaping ahead as many businesses have discovered its benefits. Michael Field from finds out just how widespread VR job trailing really is!

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My Thoughts on this Story: Sure, I would prefer the VR games industry to be doing well like it is in skills training, but at least it means VR is becoming more and more mainstream in other areas of our lives. If areas like job training and education can grow with VR the video games industry might pay a lot more attention to it. I think we all need to slow down with the woes and realise VR is still a very young technology (this wave of it anyway) and anything could happen in the next 5 years.

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