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How Virtual Reality Has and Will Shaking Up the Music Industry

How Virtual Reality Has and Will Shaking Up the Music Industry

VR News: While this is an older article the news is something many music journalists have been saying this for a few years now, but recently bigger and bigger names within the music journalism game have been saying the same thing including James Hanley from This BBC published article looks at the success of Next VR as well as some of the best VR music videos you can currently enjoy.

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My Thoughts on this Story: This is something I do feel strongly about as I also believe VR could change the way we devour our music. From live 360 video concerts to immersive VR music videos that not only let you see what the music artist is trying to express in their song but also feel the emotion it was written with. Some music videos like The Chainsmokers Paris VR or Tyler Hurds fantastic VR music video “old Friend” are immersive to the point that they are emotionally intense and quite a ride. Even if VR doesn’t fit well with the games industry there are many other industries that will enjoy its benefits.

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